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Times keep on changing, a while ago an author had to sit down concentrate on his ink and paper writings to come up with something fictional that will drive readers craving for more. Today though everything is so different authors sit down in front of a computer screen juggle around with the QWERTY keyboard, come up with creative masterpiece and without printing or anything alike sell the product via internet and people read it via portable e-readers.

On the very end of how things look e-readers are the electronic gadgets that have actuated the whole concept throwing the paper world into oblivion; a good thing because trees don’t have to be cut down for paper to be manufactured, deforestation has been reduced by a great margin

What is a Nook Honeycomb?

The Nook honeycomb is part of the big invention. In case you are wondering what honeycomb means it is simply a codename meaning the gadget runs on Android 3.0. The Nook color honeycomb is an e-reader that was on the forefront in bringing this cutting edge technology into realm. The device has a number of features that makes it worth the purchase. Its most outstanding feature that still stands time is the 7” color display screen that it comes with, also the design that it holds basically gives a unique eye-turning notion.

  • The display resolution stands at 16 million colors making it clear and bright ideal for reading your daily magazine.
  • Though there is a drawback of the display being an LCD – new releases come with electronic ink technology that is quite fair to the eyes allowing users to read explicitly more books without getting tired too quickly, the screen is touch sensitive and you only use your fingers to turn pages.
  • Furthermore, the display shows photos and can play audio eBooks as well as videos in true colors.
  • Digging much deeper on the Nook honeycomb are much other details that are ground breaking.
  • The device comes with internal memory storage of 8GB and an external slot with support of up to 32 GB of MicroSD, its processor is Ti OMAP 3621 running at 800Mhz which is relatively fast.
  • The Wi-Fi support allows users to connect to the internet and collect books from the Barnes and Noble store as well as check e-mails, view online You Tube videos and also doing light browsing.

Another benefit of the device is the power on personalization; the Android operating system digital bookshelves can be organized to make location of eBook much easy since it provide categorization into groups that are easy to access and manage. The home screen offers a drag and drop feature, for instance you can drag and drop eBooks and other quick application on the home screen for easy accessibility. The device further has preinstalled wallpapers to decorate and make the desktop live. If you are wondering on the formats that the nook honeycomb supports, then it won’t go unmentioned; it supports PDF and ePub files, JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP files. It is possible to also view word processor’s files as well. On multimedia it supports MP4 video files. If the features are overwhelming, then the article won’t end without mentioning that it can carry a whole library of 6000 eBooks.

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