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It´s fan to talk about nook games. Not long ago, Barnes and Noble add a software update for their eBook reader, the NOOK that permits the download and installation of certain applications. This definitely implies that countless of games will be flooding into the platform since whatever is portable gets into the game at every possible opportunity. One of the first to port their games to the NOOK is Astraware while 4 of such are prepared to roll out.

Basically, Astraware Mahjong, Astraware Solitaire, Astraware Sudoku and Astraware Casino have already been optimized to benefit maximally from the NOOK color’s high resolution screen as well as touch screen controls. Meanwhile, Astraware Mahjong is presently excusive to NOOK color over the Android platform for short time.

A few nook games examples

Asyraware Mahjong comprises of 30+ puzzle layouts, 4 complex levels, and a Daily puzzle challenge the place at which player can enter into competition with others across the Globe. Astraware Solitaire comprises of 12 of the widely known single player card games within 1 pack which include Klondike, spider, FreeCell, pyramid just to mention but few.

Astraware Casino comprises of 11 popular casino games in just 1 pack which include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Slots Roulette, Blackjack, Clasps just to mention but few. Astraware Sudoku comprises of puzzles at 6 difficult levels, a puzzle generator, pizzle solver, the prospect of entering your own puzzle from the newspaper and books.

Besides, you can always receive very much assistance such as automatic or manual pencilmarks, and smart hint system. There is also the inclusion of Day daily puzzle challenge. Better still, each of the 4 games are ridiculously affordable.

Meanwhile, nook color happened to be an improvement over the traditional Nook with the potential of playing nook games and browse through the internet. These are the more reasons why the nook colors a multi media device instead of purely electronic reader.

You can get the nook games from the Android Market. Your nook games can be accessed through the opening of the Quick Nav menu. Better still, you can always delete the unused game in order to conserve significant space on your SDcard memory or devise as the case may be.

How to handle the nook games

  • Look through the kept hand side of your device to put on the Nook color by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Again, just press and hold the green ‘N’button and then drag it towards the right in order to open the home screen.
  • Proceed to press the “Nav Arrow” button at the central of the toolbar. You can then tap on the “Extras menu and again tap on the “market” application.
  • Tap over the “Downloads” button at top right top. This indicates the items of all applications that you have already downloaded to your Nook color
  • Tap over the game you intend to remove. Afterwards, tap over the “OK” button so that you can the installation of the game.
  • Finally, click on the why you are deleting the game. Now, “Tap” on the “OK” button. At this point the game is removed from your device from that moment.



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