Kindle Reset – Very easy Instructions to apply

By: Author | Published: June 3rd, 2017

It scares your guts out when you take a small leave from your Kindle e-reader only to find it frozen. It is a daunting occasion because it giving you a suspense break from continuing reading your eBook yet it had just reached the ground breaking chapter. The most definite thought that eventually comes to you mind is losing it to the wall, but beware that won’t solve your problem in fact you will simple wave goodbye to your gadget. Problems associated with kindle freeze are normal and shouldn’t make you cry a river over it. Keep on reading to find out instructional procedures that will bring your kindle back to life.

Kindle Reset instructions for Kindle 1

Since this device is the earliest version of the Amazon kindle series, resetting it is a little troublesome as you have to employ crafty efforts. This shouldn’t however make you flee; firstly, you will need a paper pin and if you can’t get it earrings will work as well. Secondly, you will need to slide down the back cover towards the right hand side after which you will be able to view the back side of the battery. Inside, you should be able to see the Kindle reset button. If you can see it, wedge in the paper pin wait for a couple of minutes and the kindle 1 should reset itself.  If it fails though, you can try unplugging the battery as the final alternative before contacting support.

Kindle Reset Instructions for Kindle 2

If you are having kindle 2, 3 and DX then you are lucky since the manufactures availed simpler methods for resetting the device, but again it is a disadvantage since it doesn’t have a back cover reset option or removal of battery just in case it completely fails to reset.  Kindle reset 2 is available through the power button. You should however ensure that the kindle 2 is fully charged before performing this action; take a look at the charging indicator when you plug the device in the wall; it should indicating it is charging though it’s frozen. After recharging it fully, you will be set to begin your kindle reset procedure. First remove it from the charger followed by sliding the power button to the right and hold it there for 15 seconds. Release the switch and your reader should flicker several times after about 5 seconds of releasing the power button and reboot in the normal way with its logo showing up followed by e-Books and other media on the Home page.

Kindle freeze Prevention

Now that you’ve got your kindle 1 or 2 running, how do you prevent future freezes? It is never joyous to see a Kindle freeze, beside no one want distractions when reading favorite chapters right? Always leave the unit on and let it go into power-down mode which consumes less power. If you are flying switch off the gadget and put it on after reaching 10,000 ft and keep the Wi-Fi off as long as you are in the clouds. Finally never allow your battery charge to fall below 20%, if it the book is so sweet yet you don’t have any quick power supply then don’t let it go below 15%.

Any Additional thoughts on Kindle Reset?

Please let me know what you think about my ideas on kindle reset. Post your comments below. Better ideas are always welcome.

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