Kindle Backlight – Does it have it or not?

By: Author | Published: June 5th, 2017

A lot of people ask what´s going on about the kindle backlight, that´s why I decided to talk about the topic.

First of all, I love to explain in simple words the meaning of things before I go dipper about the subject. The Kindle backlight is nothing more than the ability that a kindle may or may not have to read it on a dark ambient. On simple words it means if the device has light inside the screen for easy reading on any place and at any time.

Kindle that uses a screen technology are called E Ink. This is its brand name and its implementation is in a reflective screen. This implies that the ambient light from a room reflects off the screen in order to produce text and graphics that are visible. Nearly every technology has advantages and disadvantages and some of the more important ones for the kindle choice are:


  1. Surprisingly, it has a long life battery and in the kindle 3, an average reader can only charge at least once in a month. Although these numbers are not cooked.
  2. There is good visibility in the shining sunlight. Amazon is always emphasizing it to that you should not read your kindle by the pool because that is the only place your kindle will have trouble.


  1. Inability to read in darkness whenever you are in the next bed to your sleeping partner and you want to keep out the light, then you will need a backlight. Amazon do sell numerous cases that have integral backlight which are pretty nifty but are using kindle battery that is able to reduce time when charging.
  2. E Ink is known to be a slow display technology and this does not give kindle ability to run flash games or some other interactive displays very well. You will discover that few apps that are available on the kindle are based on text games such as zork and not with twitch games such as Bejeweled.
  3. E Ink type of device use to display certain color and in the process the clarity is lost and contrast. As a result of this, Amazon has decided not to use them for long. E ink is working very hard to improve on their products.
  4. This also has no touch.

This information help us a lot to understand the importance of the kindle backlight for all the kindle lovers. Personally, it is very awesome to discover that there is competing companies that wants to chisel out this niche because of its deficiency in some area. Amazon has been in business for long and sells at cheaper rate but there is need to work on the kindle backlight so and other disadvantages that could scare people away from buying this model.

People are not patronizing them just to be e-book reader but to see that the device carry out its effective function for instance, when there is darkness, it is not a good idea to be searching for extra light to read from the e-reader but if the backlight is improved, there will not be any cause for that.

Kindle backlight is very important from every indication. Amazon kindle lacks backlight and the weird feeling texture of the e-book reader’s leather folio. Some researcher were even debating it that e Ink cannot be backlight because it is an opaque and therefore, no light will be going through. Some people are even thankful that the device is not backlight because they might not be able to read it. But all these structures must be put in place for everybody to benefit from the usage very well.

Any Additional thoughts on Kindle Backlight?

Please let me know what you think about my ideas on kindle backlight. Post your comments below. Better ideas are always welcome.

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