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Calibre kindle – Important Facts and Tricks

Calibre is a free e-book library management application designed to make managing your e-book collection as easy as possible. According to the Amazon forums, it’s now common for everyone owning a kindle to be able to organize eBooks into user preference in a folder termed collections. The procedure isn’t a pain in the head but it usually consumes your precious time especially if you have a database of book collection that is to be arranged.

In regards to the number of books that you house, it is advisable that you be cautious not to transfer a maximum of 100 books all at once from calibre kindle to your collection. Keep reading to find out why this advice is so given. If it gets boring moving few books at a time, then you should be mindful and back up before moving great numbers of books; this is so since it’s a common scenario for the kindle to restart when moving 100+ eBooks. You don’t want this to happen, surely keeping on repeating the same task can be mind-threatening.  Many forums have users not having a clue on how to use the calibre kindle to convert catalogue of books to your kindle device.

Calibre Kindle tricks

Once you’ve ensured you won’t move the eBooks to your collection in single thrust, you can then use some other tricks of combining kindle collection with your version of calibre. Have you recently found out that creation of a catalogue with a series listing for each author is not a walk in the park? Not until you do it this explained way; go ahead and obtain a series metadata in Calibre, it’s important that you sought first by series followed by author of book so that the data will be easily organized. Go ahead and highlight all the works by a given author after which you should use the “create catalogue of book” – it’s an option next to “Convert Books” icon in calibre. Under the new field brought, add authors name in the title option, and add a full stop in the regex box in order to exclude genre information, also uncheck all boxes except for the “series” box.

If the above procedures are followed your calibre book should  be up and running; go ahead and change the metadata to remove description, and change author sort to author’s name, you should also remove “catalogue” from the tag section. Finally convert the book to Mobi format and the metadata for catalogue will also be updated. Note if the old format is Mobi, you should still convert it to Mobi failure to which kindle will view the file as a periodical and it won’t be inputted in your collection.

On the Kindle side you can then create a collection with the authors name as the prime title, add both the eBook by author and the new created catalogue book. The end bargain is a collection with your first book being a listing of each eBook in the Kindle collection sorted by series. It is as simple as 1-2-3 so long as you follow the procedures closely; you can repeatedly do this in your calibre kindle but promise to keep moving the books in a batch of 50 – 90 books to avoid wearing the disappointing of ignorance.

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