Abinadi Suarez
Abinadi Suarez

Hi, as you may know by now my name is Abinadi Suarez, creator and writer of latest ebook reader reviews and let me tell you I really love technology.

Ebook readers are the coolest way to wonderfully read and carry in your pocket a whole library of your most precious books. I really like reading, and let me tell you that physical libraries are things of the past. The present and the future are digital libraries.

My intention on my site is to give you the latest eBook reader reviews so you may find this website really helpful in order to decide which eBook reader better fits your needs.

I really want you to find this website really helpful; and let tell you that your help will be really important to get that result. Please share all your thoughts about the topic. You comments and testimonials are really important to us so  you may find a lot of value here.

Remember, My intention is to grab you by the hand and help you to take the best decision on buying and enjoying your eBook reader today and forever.

Enjoy my website…


Abinadi Suarez